About Fans of Apple

Our Humble Beginnings

‘Fans of Apple’ (“FOA”) launched very quietly on Facebook in 2007 and has, over the past several years, grown to become the largest Apple fan group page on Facebook – with well in excess of 262,000 fan subscribers worldwide!

FOA is a select audience of Apple aficianados and fanatics alike, who are extremely passionate about Apple, its lineup of exciting products, and the plethora of optional accessories by third-party manufacturers.

Although we are not a typical tabloid-style operation in a traditional sense, our huge ‘social fanbase’ of Facebook subscribers rely on us daily to provide them with the latest updates in the “world of Apple”, and also to create a sense of “community” within the vast Apple empire.

We have an established network of administrators to maintain our popular fan page, to ensure that all the latest exciting news in the world of Apple is published in a timely and professional manner.  There isn’t a more comprehensive Apple fan page on Facebook that even comes close to ours – we are proud of our accomplishments!

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple:

Our goal is to create the most exciting online community experience possible for the worldwide fans of Apple!

Our primary goal with this website is to harness the dynamics of this ‘social community’, and to better integrate our other social venues, such as our YouTube channel, Twitter and Flickr pages, and to cohesively unite them at our centralized website hub.

FOA the Website

Our website is destined to become a vibrant and informative community-oriented website, unlike typical news-centric technology “tabloid” sites.  In essence, we are an “extension” of Apple, Inc. the company, without an official affiliation, other than our passion for its products and its people.  If Steve Jobs were to form an Apple “fan club”, this would be FOA!

Our website will not only feature the requisite news updates in the world of Apple, but will also include an engaging forum section; an interactive video community featuring user-generated video content; an online store featuring original FOA merchandise; the latest information on Apple products and reviews; exciting contests; helpful resources links; a free classified ads section; a FOA “members only” club … and much more!

Here are some of the featured highlights of our website:

  • About FOA
  • Apple News

Special “Fan” sections dedicated to our vibrant community:

  • Blogs + Reviews
  • Classifieds
  • Forums
  • Resources
  • Store (future)