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[Wikipedia] The ‘Get a Mac‘ television advertising campaign (2006–2009) was created for Apple Inc. by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the company’s advertising agency.  Shown in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Japan, the ads in the campaign have become easily recognizable because each ad follows a standard simple template: against a minimalist all-white background, a man dressed in casual clothes introduces himself as a Mac (“Hello, I’m a Mac.”), while a man in a more formal suit-and-tie combination introduces himself as a Windows personal computer (“And I’m a PC.”).

The original American ads star actor Justin Long as the Mac and author and humorist John Hodgman as the non-Mac PC, and are directed by Phil Morrison. The American ads also air on Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand television, and at least 24 of them were dubbed into Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

The ‘Get a Mac’ campaign is the successor to the Switch ads that were first broadcast in 2002. Arguably, the two are most similar in that actors in both campaigns were filmed against a plain white background. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the campaign during a shareholders meeting the week before the campaign started. The campaign also coincided with a change of signage and employee apparel at Apple retail stores detailing reasons to switch to Macs.  The Get a Mac campaign received the Grand Effie Award in 2007.

Get a Mac • 2006 Video Gallery


"Angel vs Devil"

"Better Results"



"Gift Exchange"

"Goodwill Ad 2006"


"Meant for Work"


"Out of the Box"


"Sales Pitch"

"Self Pity"


"Trust Mac"


"Wall Street Journal"

"Work vs Home"

Get a Mac • 2007 Video Gallery


"Choose a Vista"

"Computer Cart"




"Now What?"

"Party is Over"


"PR Lady"


"Santa Claus"




"Tech Support"

Get a Mac • 2008 Video Gallery

"Bake Sale"

"Bean Counter"


"Calming Teas"


"I Can Do Anything!"

"Off the Air"

"Office Stress"

"Pep Rally"

"Pizza Box"


"Sad Song"

"The V word"


"Time Machine"

"Tree Trimming"


Get a Mac • 2009 Video Gallery

"Biohazard Suit"

"Broken Promises"

"Customer Care"


"Legal Copy"

"PC Choice Chat"

"PC Innovations Lab"

"PC News"



"Teeter Tottering"

"Time Traveler"

"Top of the Line"