White iPhone 4 issues fixed by new paint process

SOURCES: MacRumors, SoftPedia, MobileCrunch, Redmond Pie, Edible Apple.

It appears that the long-awaited and often-described “mystical” device, the white iPhone 4, may finally be making it’s “official” grand appearance into the consumer electronics world.  The much-delayed version of the iPhone 4 has been affected by painting issues, which has required Apple manufacturing to seek alternative methods to finish the painting process to the high level of standards required by the Cupertino company for its products.  Described by one source as being a “miracle” painting process, it allows the thickness of the paint to be controlled prior to the application onto the handset’s front and rear screens.

With rumors swirling that a launch for the white iPhone 4 could finally occur in the near future, questions have been raised about what Apple has done to finally enable the company to possibly begin shipping the device to consumers. [MacRumors]

Japanese blog Macotakara reports that Apple is on track to launch its elusive iPhone 4, citing a source that said “printing white color for iPhone 4 brings poor yield and then huge number of defective products”. However, “a Japanese company developed miracle painting material which is able to be set thickness of painting layer,” effectively solving Apple’s problem. [Softpedia]

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