Verizon to offer $30 ‘limited’ Unlimited iPhone data plan

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It’s official fans … Verizon is definitely going to offer iPhone buyers a $30 unlimited data plan.  The carrier’s heir apparent and chief operating officer, Lowell McAdam, told us the news ahead of the company’s meeting with investors.  The only caveat here is that this unlimited offering may be for a limited time only.  In other words, this offer may only apply to early adopters of Verizon’s newest smartphone.

“I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot,” he said.

Not offering an unlimited plan would put up a barrier for customers who might otherwise switch from AT&T, he said.  The country’s No. 2 carrier still has millions of subscribers grandfathered into unlimited plans they signed up for before AT&T switched to tiered pricing last summer.

Mr. McAdam certainly doesn’t want to miss out on any sales now. Anticipation Verizon would soon offer the iPhone held back sales over the fourth quarter, he said.  Analysts seemed happy with the subscriber growth, but McAdam wasn’t.

“It wasn’t what I hoped it would be,” he said.

Update: But you’d better act fast. Speaking later Tuesday morning, Mr. McAdam said the iPhone unlimited plan will be a temporary offer and that the carrier will follow AT&T’s move to tiered pricing in the not-too-distant future.  (You knew it was too good to be true.)

[TUAW] Verizon will offer a $30 unlimited data plan, the Wall Street Journal confirmed this morning, similar to the original plan that AT&T offered when the iPhone was originally introduced.

[iLounge] Update: McAdam has clarified that the iPhone unlimited data plan will be a temporary offer and said that Verizon will move to tiered data pricing for the iPhone in the “not too distant future”.

[USA Today] The data plan, reportedly revealed by COO Lowell McAdam prior to a company meeting with investors, will cost $30 and be available for a limited time.

[Ars Technica] The speculation that Verizon would roll out an unlimited plan for the iPhone started just days before the carrier’s announcement that it would begin offering the device next month.

[AppleInsider] He revealed that his company intends to follow in rival AT&T’s footsteps and adopt a tiered pricing structure.

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